What clients say about Monica Hart ..

“You have the right combination—a natural talent for speaking, the kind of enthusiasm that makes a good speaker and, best of all, a lot of very important messages to convey,”
Dr. Howard Figler, author of The Complete Job Search Handbook.

 “You help people learn, you make them better at their jobs, you change their lives, you help them meet and exceed goals – in short – you ROCK.”  “Thank you so much for all that you do for AAA and for the individuals who benefit from your work. You may not realize it but you are, in fact, changing lives. You are a very special person indeed!” Thanks so much for sharing your philosophy, joy and talents with AAA! We greatly appreciate you.” T.S.

“I was out visiting some offices (Berkeley, Oakland, and Hayward) and you were a subject of much conversation, passion and admiration. The energy with which people described your work and results was truly inspiring..... Thank you so much for what you are doing for our folks – you are helping them meet and exceed goals, grow personally and do what they previously thought was not possible. You are making a huge difference!” Mare L. Andel, VP, Director of Human Resources AAA CA., UT., NV.

“I know your unique value for me:  Monica is about listening and understanding. Using her heart as a guide, she assists me frame action steps and leads me to personal connections, so I can build a solid bridge across the canyon between point A and B and move forward in a way that authentically matches my goals and aspirations. Other coaches I have worked with point the way with good advice, Monica walks beside me to help build and walk across the bridge all the way to the other side.”Love to you, J.K.

“You are a truly an inspirational leader, engaging the head – hand – heart.. Thanks for all that you do and all that you are...”
John Geigle, Sales and Market Management, Area Business Manger, AAA CA., UT., NV.

“You’re a very special person who has done wonders for this organization……keep up the good work.  And you, as well, make a difference with all those whom you touch.” R.B.

“Thanks so much for your time and hard work and willingness to share your knowledge! You are a gifted teacher!” B.O.

“Thank you for your excellent report yesterday and for laying the ground work for development of new and stronger relationships with key vendors. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and made a significant contribution to WECA surpassing our donations goals for this year from $38K to $50K!!” M,C., Director

“You are the special one that I want to thank. Without you, this year we might not have the festival. You brought in so much volunteer talent to the planning. That was the main reason this year was successful. SWMDF (Sacramento World Music and Dance Festival) will forever indebted to you.”L.F.

“Thank you for who you are” Bob Wilkes, Senior VP Marketing AAA, CA., UT., NV

 “You have the GIFT of leadership with your kind, positive, loving, grateful qualities.” D.Y.

“Excellent meeting today!  The feedback after you left (which is where you hear the real honest stuff, of course) was very positive.  K mentioned that even when we knock you off track from the training, the conversation and idea stimulation is so worthwhile that he appreciates that kind of forum.” S.P.

“You have been such a wonderful example to me and everyone you touch of what it means to be truly grateful in all circumstances and I want to thank you for the many ways that your "attitude of gratitude" has made a lasting impression in my life.” K.S.

“I really enjoyed listening to you and I love your passion and style and helping business owners move forward using the right tools and improve on their marketing strategy.” S.D.

“Your session was the best of the event in my observation. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I look forward to receiving your email on the steps to produce a dynamic 30-60 elevator speech, commercial.” SARTA, Clean Tech Showcase., S.K.

“You are a light and an encouragement. Joy is a hallmark of your light and present at every exchange.” D.S.

“In the time you were at Asian Resources, Inc. teaching us about intensive coaching and building relationships, I learned so much from you and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.” D.R.

“First what a fabulous session today. I have to say our topics covered were a real eye-opener for me… But I am up for the challenge because I can truly see the payoff this exercise will bring my business and personal growth as a professional.” V.M.

“I’m proud to send this to you.  I did a workshop in Las Vegas about 2 weeks ago for a conference I attended and one of the attendees to my workshop was the main conference speaker.  He had some nice things to say about my presentation and I think you can take 100% of the credit for them.” A.R.

“When I look for some positive thoughts, I always think of you.  You also touch many people with your warmth and caring manner.” P.C.

“I value all of the knowledge you have given me.. Thank you for showing me what I did not know and giving me the tools to make myself more profitable. You are truly a gem.” C.C.

“First of all, Mon ...... today Bob Wilkes was touring .... The Berkeley team and myself sang the “We love Monica Hart song.”.... Bob’s comments were that you are amazing ....lots of energy!! He loves you to he said.”  Tony Sagastume, Area Manager So Bay, AAA CA., UT., NV

“I hope you all enjoyed today’s section meeting…I know I did! I loved the message and theme of Gratitude in the Workplace which really spoke to gratitude in general. It was a timely message that really spoke to me personally…  please thank your friend Monica for delivering a heartfelt message to our team.” D.A., CalPers

“As always, your energy, enthusiasm, and passion for PEOPLE shine thru brightly!!!” John Forayer, Area Manager, AAA Chico, Oroville, Paradise and Willows

“Thank you Monica for your positivity, your ability to find solutions, and for what I have learned from you about how to communicate effectively.”  C.K.

“Monica’s generous support to each individual is so appreciated. The expertise, high spirit and passion she displays creates the motivation and momentum for the sales reps to achieve results.” Whitley Robertson, Sales and Market Management, AAA CA., UT., NV.

“I know I must sound like a broken record but it has been an honor to work with you and I am so grateful for everything you have done for both RCP and for me. Anyone who gets the pleasure of working with you will find themselves blessed beyond belief.” M.W.  

“Monica – congratulations on a job well done – this is truly one of the highest honors that can be bestowed ... a personal testimonial of the impact your talent and skills has had on another’s professional life.” Sue Palmer, VP AAA University, CA., UT., NV.

Stockton Chamber of Commerce, “Effective Strategies”- Monthly Member Networking and Coaching

“Thank you for all of your kindness and support!  You are dear to me and I am so glad I got to meet you!  You’re just an amazing person.” BD, Membership VP 

  • “She’s amazing”
  • “Great delivery and style of presentation”
  • “She’s great!”
  • “Very informative”
  • “Mon will always adapt her message to that specific group to maximize the effectiveness”
  • “She is very interesting and clear to understand”
  • “She knows what’s she’s talkingabout”
  • “Mon Hart provides very practical solutions for networking; it’s always a pleasure to hear her speak”
  • “She knows her material”
  • “Excellent ideas”
  • “Mon has an “All about the Client Mindset.”
  • “She connects very well with people and works a room”
  • “Information was great; speaking ability was fantastic”
  • “She is so passionate and knowledgeable about her subject”
  • “Wonderful, caring, full of knowledge”
  • “She knows what she is talking about and communicates it well and brings it out of us”

“It's so wonderful to have such an asset on our team.  M and I are very grateful to have you on our team.  It is wonderful to be able to learn so much while we are out telling people about our services.” J.R.

“I value all of the knowledge you have given me. Thank you for showing me what I did not know and giving me the tools to make Fat’s Catering and me more profitable. You are truly a gem.” C.C.

“The ladies in our chapter loved your speaking techniques and want you back!  I reviewed your list and would like you to present your “The Art of Administrative Service—Beyond All Expectations.” K.S.