Monica Hart, MBA, The Marketing Coach and Associates Process

You don’t learn from someone telling you how to do it!

The Marketing Coach and Associates won’t just tell you, we’ll show you by partnering, mentoring, teaching, and modeling effective customized Practical Real World Relational Professional Marketing and Sales Skills, so you can learn the lifetime skills of what to say; how to say it; where to say it.

Together, we’ll make sales calls by phone, Zoom and/or in-person. You’ll experience in the moment how to apply real world practical marketing and sales skills; observe and listen to quickly and easily understand how to apply the skills and process to effectively generate measurable results. Then, we’ll debrief your experience, to review, fine tune, sculpt, and customize your new skills to blend with personal brand, unique core values, personality, and style.

You will learn how to apply the right and authentic skills and adopt the most effective behaviors to meet your desired business outcomes and achieve lasting changes to generate new clients and an endless flow of highly qualified referrals.

Monica Hart knows how much you struggle sharing your benefits and value with the world. Your clients want a repeatable and fresh “customer branded defining moment experience” that lives and breathes in their subconscious, every time they indulge, consume, and are filled up with the benefit and value of your products and services. She’ll help you create the most relevant benefit and value solutions that your clients want!

The Marketing Coach and Associates Benefits and Value:

  • Move beyond traditional motivational sales training to learn and apply consultative relationship marketing and sales skills

  • Improve your marketing and sales by applying real world practical skills to effectively and efficiently build authentic professional networks that will result in collaborative, loyal, and trusting relationships

  • Uncover, become, and express your unique brand image/presence and core values to easily and clearly differentiate yourself and your company from the competition

  • Design customized messaging/scripting/web copy of “what to say and how to say it ” that will easily blend and enhance your unique authentic style to attract and retain new customers and clients

  • Claim your complimentary value add in each coaching session; record and/or a video your session to later review what you learned

  • Learn and fine tune your EQ - “Emotional Intelligence” skills to positively affect the communication with your business and personal relationships

  • Identify your vertical markets and the most ideal client demographic/ psychographic profile who will buy and benefit from your products and services

  • Learn and become the essence of “The Go-Giver” (Bob Burg and John David Mann); change your life and claim your flow of prosperity and referrals

  • Create business opportunities by living and speaking your personal unique brand and core values

  • Gain knowledge, insight, and listening skills for self-empowerment for a well defined prosperity path

  • Consistently increase revenue by learning to express your most relevant products and services benefits and value

  • Create authentic relationships and collaborative partnerships through the heart as you embody deep and abiding gratitude for every opportunity

  • Access “The Marketing Coach and Associates,” a Network of vetted Champion Professionals who are experts for all your business needs and solutions